About Us

The Toy Jungle is a family-owned business 25 years in the making, located in Holiday, Florida. Owner Adam Smyk spent over 20 years in the US Navy; spending much of that time away from his family while on deployment. Upon returning from his numerous deployments, Adam needed to find a way to reconnect with his children. And Lego® sets were the answer.

Adam would spend many hours upon his return helping his sons Daniel, James, and Andrew put together their building-block sets. It was a project that the boys could do independently…until they needed help from their father. So, each time, Adam slowly earned the trust of his children again.

 Upon his retirement from the Navy in 2016, Adam looked for a business that he could start with his family, and one that would help bring other families together. Eventually The Toy Jungle was born.

The Toy Jungle is a unique, locally-owned toy store that strives to provide building block sets, Lego® related products, STEM toys, and electronic-free parties and events to local families in a way that will help families spend time together while also encouraging them to discover their creativity.