10 Baby Boomer Slang Phrases That Make Millennials Scratch Their Heads

This slang, popularized in the ’60s, describes something cool, awesome, or trendy.


It encapsulates the idea of experiencing something beyond the realms of ordinary reality, often associated with the psychedelic culture of the era.

Far Out

“Cool beans” used to be a popular expression of approval or agreement. It conveyed a sense of positivity and enthusiasm, akin to saying, “That’s great!”

Cool Beans

The term “righteous” held a special meaning for generations past. It denoted something morally upright or justifiable.


It conveyed the feeling of being awe-inspired, as if witnessing a breathtaking view, a jaw-dropping performance, or an extraordinary event that left an indelible mark.

Outta Sight

Can you dig it?” was a catchphrase used to ask if someone understood or comprehended a concept.

Can You Dig It?

It embodied the spirit of resilience and the idea of pushing forward despite challenges, akin to saying, “Keep going, don’t give up!”

Keep On Truckin’

It described something extremely disgusting or repulsive, magnifying the sense of revulsion and emphasizing just how unpleasant or nauseating it was.

Grody To The Max

To tell someone not to “have a cow” meant advising them not to overreact or get overly upset about something.

Don’t Have A Cow