10 Things Baby Boomers Get Right

1. Constant Accessibility is a Bad Thing

The stereotype of older folks asking kids to turn down that racket exists for a reason, but some Redditors agreed that people, in general, are too loud.

2. People Are Too Loud

Though Boomers are supposed to be the ones who dislike technological advances, one user received two Reddit awards and nearly 4000 upvotes by saying they preferred paper.

3. Paper Menus for the Win

Although the Baby Boomers love their Facebook, they’re the generation that usually warns us of the negative impacts social media may have.

4. Social Media is Bad for Kids

One Redditor complained about spending a ton of money on a product, only to find it’s useless without the app. Other users chimed in, adding that they don’t need an account, user name, and password to use everything they buy.

5. Everything Doesn’t Need an App

6. Physical Buttons are Superior to Touchscreens

7. Automated Customer Service Lines

The calling card of older generations has a point: no one wants random people walking on their lawns.

8. Get Off My Lawn

The new trend toward smart appliances and automation has one glaring limitation: software quickly becomes outdated.

9. A Desire for Lasting Products

Another user mentioned that the subscription model helps online outlets monetize, but most users agreed that having a different account for each site was overwhelming.

10. Too Many Subscriptions