10 Things That Will Be Lost Forever When Boomers Are Gone

1. Giant China Sets That Are Used Once or Twice in a Lifetime

2. Covering Up Hardwood Floors With Carpet

“Millennial here. Yahoo Finance is still good.”

3. Yahoo News

“They make them as long as they can sell ads to businesses. No one wants the books.”

4. Phone Books

“With some of the garbage I see millennials buying off of Instagram, we should probably be careful making fun of the boomers for this one.”

5. QVC

“I still pay my utilities with checks because they charge a “convenience fee” of $7 for paying by card or autopay. It’s free to send a check. (Well, the cost of a stamp, but that’s way less than $7).”

6. Checkbooks

Unless they are given to the children of Boomers. Someone I know keeps getting more and more timeshares, and they've already talked about which millennial kids will get which ones.

7. Timeshares

“Not just housing. Grocery bills and tuition were so much more affordable in their prime.”

8. Affordable Housing

9. The Idea That Our Entire Lives Should Revolve Around Work

10. Calling Someone To Tell Them To Open the Email You Just Sent Them