10 Things The Boomer Generation Does Better Than Anyone Else

Before smartphones and GPS devices, people had to rely on maps (and their natural sense of direction) to navigate.

Navigating Without GPS

Growing up without social media, previous generations learned to value their privacy and are to this day often more cautious about sharing personal information online.

Maintaining Privacy

It’s safe to say that Boomers generally have a better track record when it comes to saving money.

Saving Money

While digital payments have become the norm, some old-timers are still more comfortable using checks for various transactions.

Writing Checks

Older generations often possess the skills to mend and repair clothes, from sewing on buttons to patching up holes.

Mending And Repairing Clothes

Many people still own and enjoy vinyl records, appreciating the warmth and authenticity of their sound.

Appreciating Vinyl Records

Growing up in a time before the internet and instant gratification, many people learned the art of patience.

They Have More Patience

For those that grew up without texting and instant messaging, face-to-face communication often feels a lot more comfortable.

Better At Face-To-Face Communication

Previous generations often have a deep appreciation for tradition and are more likely to uphold time-honored customs and practices.

Respecting Tradition

They value stability and commitment, whereas Millennials are often characterized as having a more transient mindset.

Long-Term Commitment