Boomer Bloopers: 10 Outdated Beliefs They Refuse To Drop

A traditional boomer line is that home ownership is the ultimate financial goal and renting is akin to throwing money away.

Renting Is Wasting Money

The stigma surrounding mental health has decreased significantly over the years, thanks in part to advancements in psychology and psychiatry.

Mental Health Isn’t Real Health”

The World Wide Web was initially disregarded by many Boomers as a fad that would never displace traditional media or business.

“The Internet Is Just A Fad”

The notion that men are breadwinners while women should focus on homemaking has been challenged and largely discredited.

“Traditional Gender Roles Are Best”

Although plant-based diets and meat alternatives are becoming more fashionable, some Boomers still believe a meal isn't complete without a meat-centric main course.

“You Need Meat For Protein”

Boomers grew up in an era where the 9-to-5 grind was the norm, and work-life balance was a foreign concept.

Work Hard, Play Never”

Boomers generally doubt the organic food movement, which promotes natural farming and avoiding industrial chemicals.

Organic Food Is A Scam”

Now that trades and tech jobs offer lucrative careers without the burden of student loans, the idea that a college degree is the only route to success is increasingly outdated.

College Is The Only Path To Success”

While the Beatles, Elvis, and Motown might hold a special place in many Boomers’ hearts, the idea that all new music lacks depth or artistic value is limiting.

“New Music Is Just Noise”