Ah, the unmistakable shade of avocado green that once graced kitchen appliances. If your fridge or oven has a retro green hue, you’ve got a true relic on your hands.

11. Avocado Green Appliances

The conversation pit was a distinctive feature of boomer living rooms. Sunken seating areas offered a cozy and communal space for gatherings.

10. Conversation Pit

Shag carpeting was all the rage in the ’70s, providing a cozy, textured vibe. If your home features wall-to-wall shag or a shaggy rug, you’re stepping back in time.

9. Shag Carpeting

Wood paneling was a staple of ’70s and ’80s décor. If your walls boast that classic, grainy look, you’re channeling a bit of nostalgia.

8. Wood Paneling

Popcorn ceilings, with their textured appearance, were once trendy for hiding imperfections. If your ceiling resembles a popcorn bucket, it’s a décor relic.

7. Popcorn Ceilings

Waterbeds were the epitome of ’70s and ’80s coolness. If you’re still catching z’s on a waterbed, you’re truly embracing a blast from the past.

6. Waterbeds

Macramé wall hangings were all about adding a touch of boho chic to homes in the ’70s. If you’ve got one gracing your walls, it’s a vintage gem.

5. Macramé Wall Hangings

In the 1960s and 1970s, shaking a lava lamp made people feel like they were on a psychedelic trip. You're bringing back the era if you have one shining its cool light.

4. Lava Lamps

In the 1960s and 1970s, bean bag chairs were the most comfortable way to relax. You're sitting in style, boomer style, if you're in one right now.

3. Bean Bag Chairs

Before computers, rotary phones were common in every home because they were easy to use and made dialing numbers fun. You're really from another time if you still have one on show.

2. Rotary Phones

Brass fixtures and accents were all the rage in the ’80s. If your home boasts brass faucets, handles, light fixtures, or even brass faucet, you’re keeping that era’s glamour alive.

1. Brass Fixtures