No Offense, Millennials: Here’s 10 Things Boomers Do Way Better

Before computers and GPS, people used maps and their natural sense of direction to find their way. People born in the Baby Boomer generation learned how to get around without regular digital help.

Navigational Skills Beyond GPS

Growing up without the ubiquity of social media, previous generations learned to cherish their privacy and remain cautious about sharing personal information online.

Privacy Preservation

Baby Boomers typically have a commendable track record. They were raised in an era where frugality was the norm and learned to budget expenses and save for the future.

Financial Savviness

Baby Boomers still find comfort in using checks for various transactions. They possess the know-how to balance a checkbook and effortlessly manage their finances.

The Art of Check Writing

Baby Boomers possess practical skills to mend and repair clothes, extending the lifespan of their garments and reducing waste.

Clothing Repair and Mending Skills

The warm and authentic sound of vinyl records resonates with Baby Boomers, who still get immense pleasure from owning and playing them.

The Appreciation of Vinyl Records

Growing up in an era before the internet and instant gratification, Baby Boomers mastered the art of patience. They understand the value of waiting and possess a greater appreciation for the passage of time.

The Virtue of Patience

In a world that predates texting and instant messaging, Baby Boomers are often more comfortable with face-to-face communication.

Face-to-Face Communication Skills