Only People Born in the 1970s Will Remember These 10 Awesome Things

Sure, it didn’t fetch or cuddle, but it was maintenance-free, and it made an unexpectedly chic decor piece!

Pet Rocks

Back then, people wore sparkly jumpsuits and platform shoes and showed off their cool dance moves under a disco ball. We wish we could get some of that wild energy back on the dance floor.

Disco Fever

These little gems were more than just jewelry. Sporting a mood ring meant you had a window to your soul right on your finger. Sure, the science was questionable, but who cared?

Mood Rings

In a world where video games feel like alternative realities, Pong was simpler. This simple two-dimensional digital tennis match between two rectangles and a dot was intriguing.


What’s that? The ’70s had 8-track tapes, the bulky rectangles that played our favorite anthems. But, ah, the nostalgia of having to carry a pencil to fix a jam or swap tapes mid-road trip.

8-Track Tapes

Shag carpets were the floor decor that defined home comfort. Deep, plush, and available in an array of vibrant colors, they turned every living room into a cozy haven.

Shag Carpets

In a decade filled with innovations and quirks, lava lamps stood out as the beacon of tranquility. It wasn’t just a lamp; it was a piece of art, a conversation starter, and the perfect backdrop for deep ’70s contemplation.

Lava Lamps

Picture this: a clear night, the hum of car engines, the scent of popcorn wafting, and a movie playing against the vast night sky.

Drive-In Theaters