Retire the Right Way: 10 Things Boomers No Longer Need

Boomers are now in their golden years, so the books don't need to be balanced by hand. Enjoy how easy it is to bank online. It saves time and makes it easy to keep an eye on retirement savings.

Online Banking

These days, digital directories make it easier to meet with people, so friends and family are always close by. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also cuts down on paper trash.

Hefty Phone Directories

Ditch the paper maps. Modern GPS ensures Boomers can explore new retirement destinations with ease and confidence. Voice-guided directions also make solo journeys much more manageable.

Hard Copies of Maps

VHS tapes give cherished memories. But retirement is about making space for the new while preserving the old. Consider digitizing those tapes, ensuring they’re preserved for future generations.

VHS Tapes and Players

Downsizing in retirement can mean swapping bulky desktops for sleek tablets or laptops. This can keep Boomers connected and entertained in a much tidier space.

Large Desktop Computers

In retirement, Boomers deserve speed and efficiency. Say goodbye to the slow dial-up and welcome high-speed internet. It’s perfect for video calls with grandkids or streaming favorite shows.

Dial-Up Internet

Let’s face it, fax machines had their time. Digital communication is faster and fits better in a retired lifestyle. Plus, digital copies are easier to store and retrieve than paper ones.

Fax Machines

Keeping in touch during retirement is essential. Instead of fumbling through a Rolodex, Boomers can simplify with digital contact tools.

Using a Rolodex

Recording retirement adventures is a must for Boomers. While film has its charm, digital photography offers instant sharing with loved ones and easy storage.

Film Cameras