Stuck In The Past? 10 Home Decor Items That Instantly Exposes You As A Boomer

The iconic rotary phone – a relic of a bygone era. If you still have one of these on your wall or end table, your home is definitely stuck in the past.

Rotary Phone

Your collection of VHS tapes is a true testament to a past still not forgotten. From classic movies to home videos, these dusty relics are taking up space.

VHS Tapes

Ah, the avocado green appliances! No Boomer home would be complete without these retro-colored kitchen gadgets.

Avocado Green Appliances

Those dusty volumes of knowledge known as ‘encyclopedias’ are now mostly used as oversized coasters.


The ultimate in casual seating, bean bag chairs were once the height of cool. Nowadays, they mainly serve as a reminder that getting up from them isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Bean Bag Chairs

Framed needlepoint is a classic way for seniors to exhibit their work. These carefully embroidered images and sayings resemble grandma's motivating posters.

Framed Needlepoint

Boomers do. Antique milk bottles, whether used as vases or simply for decoration, are a sure sign of nostalgia.

Antique Milk Bottles

Once the ultimate symbol of counterculture, lava lamps now serve as a groovy reminder of another generation’s rebellious past.

Lava Lamps

If you’ve hosted or attended a Tupperware party in the past decade, you’re definitely a ‘70s kid at heart. 

Tupperware Parties