Unveiling the Trend: 10 Hobbies Embraced by Boomers

 A lot of people have found a love for cooking they didn't know they had, and the internet has so much information about cooking that they can teach their own classes at home.


It’s almost a cliché of the fidgety new retiree looking for DIY projects around the house to stay busy. And yet, there’s some truth to that, born out of genuine interest rather than boredom.


Maybe not the go-to fun hobby for everyone, but boomers are passionate about fitness. Their generation is healthy for their age and a lot of that could be due to their interest in regular physical activity.


Movies are one of those universal interests. What might be surprising about how boomers are watching movies, however, is how much they’ve embraced the streaming technology.


Like movies, music is sort of a hobby enjoyed by all. Some of the greatest music of all-time came out of the boomer generation’s younger years and they hold that music in high regard.


Despite the common notions, boomers enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest in phones and useful tech. They use it for a variety of purposes, from work to entertainment, and even health.

New tech.

When people retire, golf and fishing are usually the only things they do. But these boomers want to play more than just sports that are hard on the body, like soccer and hockey. 


Boomers go on trips to live in the present and learn more about the world. As you can see, they like to travel internationally and see new parts of the world.