How Do You Play Uno All Wild?

Uno All Wild is an innovative variant of Mattel’s Uno card game that allows all cards to become wild – thus eliminating the requirement to match colors and numbers when playing this variant of Uno.

Played with two to ten players, the game begins when the dealer shuffles and distributes seven cards to each player from a deck that was previously shuffled and dealt out as part of a draw pile. Once each player receives seven cards they take turns playing their hand until someone runs out and becomes the victorious one.


Playing Uno All Wild offers something different than traditional UNO. Instead of needing to match colors and numbers, every card in this version of Uno is wild in this version of the game, plus there are extra cards which allow for action cards that allow for added possibilities.

To start playing the game, first select a dealer and shuffle your cards. Deal seven cards out to each player while reversing over any remaining ones into a draw pile – but do not be distracted by any special action of one particular card in it – the person to the left of the dealer starts play!

The goal of UNO is to empty your hand of cards as quickly as possible, before the next player takes their turn. When one card remains, remember to yell “UNO!” prior to passing onto another player. At the end of a round, whoever holds onto most cards wins; play can continue until one person reaches 500 points or 2 people finish all their hands at once! If playing with more than 2 people simultaneously, take note of each person’s total cards held before starting another round.


There are various variants to playing uno all wild that can add variety. Allowing players to stack draw cards – such as Wild Draw Four or Targeted Draw Two – allows for more powerful moves on each turn, giving more chances for victory in every round.

Another variation allows players to go ahead and play out of turn if they possess an exact match card; however, to count for this match card it must be placed separately from any other cards in your hand.

One way of adding variety to the game is through action cards. These allow players to perform actions against their opponent’s hands by switching up play direction or forcing their hand with another player’s. Players may also score points based on which cards remain in an opponent’s hand.


Uno All Wild is a card game featuring a deck of cards and instructions, special action cards that make the game more exciting, as well as Wild cards without traditional color or number matching rules – suitable for players 7 years or older.

The first player to dispose of all their cards wins the round. When discarding their last card or just before, they should shout “Uno”. If they fail to do this, two penalty cards must be drawn instead.

This game offers multiple ways of winning, and makes for an excellent party or family game night option. It is fast-paced, simple to understand, yet offers some strategy elements as well. Very addictive yet great as a gift for gamers of all ages; available online as well as most major retailers; even offering a special version for children!


Uno All Wild is played with 112 cards, including standard wilds and draw 2 or draw 4 options, with players keeping track of their cards to be the first one to dispose of all. When they reach one card remaining in their hand, players should yell out “Uno!” when ready.

Uno’s speed-play variant offers fast-paced action with many cards being wild – from standard wilds to target drawn two cards and forced swap cards! In addition to regular wild cards, this version also introduces target drawn two card wilds and wild forced swap cards into gameplay.

To start playing the game, choose a dealer and shuffle the cards before dealing seven cards to each player and flipping over any top card into a discard pile. Play will start by rotating clockwise around from left-to-right; count up points at the end of each round; whoever has amassed more will win the game!


In conclusion, playing Uno All Wild adds an exciting twist to the classic game. It’s all about creativity and unpredictability. With the Wild cards, you can change the game in a snap, keeping everyone on their toes. So, gather your friends, enjoy the wild ride, and have a blast playing Uno All Wild!

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