How to Play Really Loud Librarians

Libraries tend to be places of tranquillity, but what happens when one librarian has an overly loud voice?

Really Loud Librarians is an exciting word (and shouting) party board game for 2 to four players. It features an attractive board, rules, two librarian figures, a timer and tokens in its box.

“Really Loud Librarians Game” is an innovative and entertaining experience that brings the joy of literature into the gaming world. Inspired by the popular podcast, this game offers a unique blend of education and fun. Players can immerse themselves in a virtual library setting, solving literary puzzles and engaging in book-related challenges. The game features a diverse range of book genres, ensuring players encounter a variety of library worlds. 

Interactive storytelling elements and vibrant graphics provide an enjoyable platform for avid readers and casual gamers. Including competitive elements, such as book trivia and timed challenges, adds an exciting twist, making it an engaging experience for players of all ages. 

“Really Loud Librarians Game” aims to make literature accessible and enjoyable through gamification, encouraging a love for books dynamically and interactively.


Exploding Kittens’ Really Loud Librarians is a party board game for two or more players aged 8+ that takes just 20 minutes to play, including complete instructions, a one-minute egg timer, a game board and tokens.

Each round begins with one team drawing a category card and shouting words from that category that start with the letter on the racetrack. As both teams accept each answer, Gertrude Birdwhistle from Librarian Piece is clicked into place on its large chain ring, which currently represents the letter E.

Each player moves their score marker (X) around the board by moving their marker X along a path equal to that letter’s letter count on the track, with each librarian reaching the end first and winning! This fast and entertaining word-shouting board game provides hours of enjoyment with family and friends!


Really Loud Librarians is an exciting party board game designed to test players’ quick wit and lung power. Each round, a category card is drawn, and players race around the track, yelling words that fit within it (e.g. breakfast cereals or action movies). As they make correct words, they advance their team librarian, playing piece up the chain until one team reaches the end first and wins!

Setting up this game is relatively straightforward. It requires players to snap together a chain of plastic rings with one large ring at their end, featuring arrow makers to indicate which direction they must be clipped together for optimal play. Once done correctly, these clips will lock into place and provide hours of entertaining gameplay.

Each player takes turns in this 60-second game, and when their turn has expired, they remove their librarian playing piece from its chain and place it by the side of the board.


Really Loud Librarians is a fast-thinking word (shouting!) party board game suitable for two players or teams of two or more that takes approximately 20 minutes once set up.

This game came packaged in an attractive, well-constructed box and was easy to open up, revealing a game board, a one-minute egg timer, and cards and tokens for play.

The gameplay for Word Race is easy – race around the track by drawing category cards and shouting words that fit them (starting with their letter on the board) to earn points. Choose from breakfast cereals to action movies – there’s something fun and lively here for everyone! It tests your knowledge while offering points as rewards! Word Race will surely add hours of entertainment and become part of any family games collection or as an Easter present this year instead of sweet treats!


Really Loud Librarians is an exciting word-shouting party game designed for two players or teams of two that takes around 20 minutes to play and is suitable for players aged 8+. It includes 60 category cards, two librarian figures, a chain, tokens, letter tiles, score markers and a timer for use during gameplay.

The game comes in an attractive, high-quality box with full-colour instructions, a one-minute egg timer, and a games board. To set up, take two plastic rings out of their stand and click them into place into a chain with one large ring at its end (there are arrow makers to indicate how far apart to clip into place), with Gertrude Birdwhistle playing piece positioned on its first ring which begins with letter E (to create an oval track on which your team’s score marker moves correspondingly as correct answers are shouted). For every correct answer given in the current category track, the librarian plays the piece and moves forward along its track. In contrast, the team score marker moves accordingly on the centre board correspondingly!

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