How to Play What Do You Meme Game

What Do You Meme is an enjoyable card game without electronic devices that is a great way to spend time with family and friends. The PG-rated content makes this ideal for both children and adults alike!

In each round, one player judges by browsing Instagram followers and selecting a photo card to use as evidence against another. All other participants then add caption cards they feel best suit the photo, and the judge decides their funniest pairing from among these submissions.

“What Do You Meme” is a hilarious and dynamic party game for maximum fun and laughter. The game prompts players to create the wittiest and most amusing captions for the given pictures, featuring a collection of picture cards with humorous images and a deck of caption cards. 

Its standout features include diverse content catering to various humor styles and preferences. Its easy-to-understand rules ensure a quick setup and instant enjoyment for players of all skill levels. The game’s versatility shines as it accommodates large groups, making it a perfect choice for social gatherings. The constant rotation of judge roles keeps the gameplay engaging and fosters creativity. 

“What Do You Meme” is a fantastic choice for those seeking a lighthearted, meme-inspired experience that guarantees laughter and memorable moments with friends and family.


What Do You Meme is a card game that allows players to submit and judge entertaining meme combinations using well-known memes, such as Success Kid and Trollface, with space for three or more players.

Every player in this game receives seven caption cards to use throughout. When an active player chooses one of these cards to respond to scenarios read aloud by other players, their most amusing card wins a point, and they continue.

Judges for each round can be selected using Instagram followings as one method, though you can choose another suitable way that best suits your friend’s group. Once selected, this person sorts through Photo Cards and selects one to display on an easel for other players to comment on.


What Do You Meme is an entertaining party game where players compete to create the funniest meme combinations. This fast-playing and enjoyable competition suits adults of any age; its rules are easy and quick to learn.

Players initially draw seven caption cards into an opening hand. Players then choose one of their caption cards to pair with an easel photo card displayed for display, read aloud to all players, and the judge determines which one is most entertaining.

The player who played the winning caption card wins each round, keeping their Photo Card as a trophy for future games. Play continues until one player accumulates enough Photo cards (points). It’s an ideal way to bring friends together and enjoy themselves!


What Do You Meme is an adult party game based on memes. Players compete to create the funniest memes by pairing Caption Cards with Photo Cards each round and competing to see who can create one that’s the most comic before a judge awards the winner. 

Many photo and caption cards cover various topics and genres; playing this easy-to-learn game takes only minutes! From three up to 20 players can participate simultaneously!

What Do You Meme can be purchased both online and in stores. Like Cards Against Humanity, its content may become repetitive over time and lose its freshness.


Pairing images and captions has become an artful art form on the Internet, from senior citizens exercising to fat cats sitting like humans; there’s always something entertaining available as memes! 

In this party game, players compete to find the funniest pairing and submit it for approval from an appointed judge.

What Do You Meme now has an expansion pack to allow players to create custom photo and caption cards for an engaging gaming experience. 

There’s even a family edition so that younger children can participate without fear of inappropriate words being spoken aloud.

This game makes an excellent option for a casual evening with friends, as its easy learning curve and fun gameplay ensure it will provide hours of entertainment! Up to 20 people can join for up to 90 minutes of fun-filled gameplay!

Final Words

No matter the time or company, this party game will bring laughter! Ideal for a screen-free night of fun, its rules are easy to learn and follow – simply make sure that before beginning play.

In each round, one player acts as the judge and selects a photo card for everyone to submit caption cards against. When it’s time for judgment day, they choose their favorite pairing and award this round to whoever submitted caption cards that match it best.

What Do You Meme is an intense game lasting up to 90 minutes, recommended for players aged 17+ with adult content. What Do You Meme may be worth considering for a fun new way of spending time with your friends!

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